Google might be rolling out a new Verified Calls feature that will make life easier for users who are pestered with business-related calls and inquiries. How? Well, the feature will tell the reason why a business is calling you and will also show its logo for easy identification, aside from the caller’s identity in the first place. The feature was first spotted by AndroidPolice in a support document.

For the Verified Calls feature to work, a business has to send Google details such as its phone number, the customer’s phone number, and the reason behind the call. This information is also shared with the Phone app installed on your phone. However, users need to add their phone number to their Google account for this feature to work.

So, when a business calls you, the information they shared with Google is compared with the incoming call information. And if there is a match, the call status is listed as Verified and you’ll see the reason it is calling on your phone’s screen. The Verified Calls feature is turned on by default, but users can choose to disable it. Google also assures that it doesn’t collect any identifiable data after verification.

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