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Google’s new policies will weed out apps with shoddy or spammy Play Store listings

By Nadeem Sarwar April 30, 2021, 4:47 pm
play store guidelines

There is no dearth of apps on the Google Play Store whose listings can have anything from cringe names or poorly designed assets to downright spammy descriptions. It is easy to identify such apps, but folks who are not particularly tech-savvy and don’t read through the listing carefully often fall for these apps which not only offer a poor experience but often lead to scams too. To take care of the problem, Google has released new guidelines regarding how an app’s Play Store listing should look.

google play store guideline 1

To start, Google says that an app’s title should not have more than 30 characters. Additionally, keywords that explicitly say how an app is performing on the Play Store (such as No. 13 in games, etc.), contain promotional lingo or developer names should not be used. Moreover, graphic elements in the app’s icon which can mislead users should be avoided. Applications that do not abide by the aforementioned rules will not be allowed on the Play Store. 

google play store guideline 2

Additionally, text or graphic elements that promote some form of a deal are not allowed. Special characters, emoticons, and emojis that are not relevant to the app’s name or function will also lead to an app’s listing never going live. Google has not revealed when these rules will be enforced, aside from promising that more details will be shared with developers later this year.

google play store guideline 3

Moreover, Google is also putting in place a few extra guidelines regarding assets such as screenshots, videos, and short descriptions that are a part of an app’s Play Store listing. Google mentions that if an app listing doesn’t follow these asset guidelines, it will be disbarred from promotions and won’t appear in recommendations either.

The company also notes that developers should ensure if the preview assets accurately represent the app or game, whether they provide enough information, if they are localized and easy to read, etc. These new guidelines governing preview asserts will be enforced in the second half of 2021.


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