Google Majel is Android’s Response to Siri on the iPhone 4S?

We all know that Android has voice recognition technology. Many may debate whether it is superior or inferior to Apple’s Siri technology, but when you have a typical, ordinary, everyday dude like Eric Schmidt come on record stating that Siri is the sort of ground-breaking competition he’d worry about, then I guess even Google thinks Siri is superior.

Google seems so challenged by it, that rumors have it that they’re already working on a new service under Codename Majel. Those of you familiar with Star Trek: The Next Generation may remember this name from the computer voice, and trust me, it’s far better than something like Siri, which translated in Japanese means something I can’t even write here!

Contrary to what Apple did by purchasing a company with Siri’s technology, it seems that Google is approaching this as an in-house project handled by Google X, the same experimental group in charge of things like self-driving cars. According to the rumors, Majel is apparently a full-fledged Google product with a full 24/7-support team, which even planed to deliver something by the end of this year, which pretty much just ended without it. It seems to be more of a Google service across all platforms, which will implicitly become something that Android will adopt.

Sadly it’s too early to know if this is more than just a rumor, or even something we should consider possible soon, but one thing I do know is that it will happen.

Via: Electronista

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