Google is rumored to go after Periscope and Facebook Live soon with YouTube Connect

Forget wearable technology and virtual reality. The industry’s “next big thing” could be a service much simpler to implement and market, which has been around for years in some form or other, and is only now taken seriously by behemoths Twitter, Facebook and Google.

We’re talking live video streaming, particularly mobile apps capable of broadcasting “original content” in real time for friends and fans, with Twitter getting an important head start on its social networking arch-rival last year, and FB slowly recovering lost ground.

Since Facebook Live Video is still new, especially on Android, there’s plenty of space in this fast-growing sector for a third major player. Enter YouTube Connect, rumored to have been quietly built by Google for a while, and thus rapidly closing in on its commercial launch.

Predictably set to go out to both Android and iOS users, the service doesn’t exactly sound groundbreaking in any meaningful way. But why mess with a winning formula? That should include chat and tagging features, as well as a “news feed” of sorts, containing clips from broadcasters you’re interested in.

You’ll obviously sign into the app with Google or YT accounts, and immediately get access to a simple and practical live streaming platform. Once your telecast wraps up, you’ll be allowed to store the video if you so choose for later viewing, and people will get to check you out both in the actual new app and the standard YouTube site.

Again, there’s nothing truly innovative in the pipeline. Just the basics, and that’s perfectly fine by us.

Source: Venture Beat

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