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Google is working on another augmented reality device

By Roland Udvarlaki December 16, 2021, 10:00 am
Google AR Glasses featured Source: Google

Google was one of the first companies to experiment with augmented reality on a large scale, but it was way ahead of its time, and technology just wasn’t there back in the days. Google Glass never turned into a real consumer product, instead, the company turned it into a workplace tool that helps employees scan items and use them for other business purposes.

Mark Lucovsky, who previously worked at Oculus for four years as a General Manage for Operating Systems, has recently changed workplaces, and he recently changed his LinkedIn profile to work on leading Google’s Operating System team for AR (via ArsTechnica). He also posted a comment explaining his goals for the job (via XDA-Developers):


“100% correct that the OS is just one piece of the puzzle. My broader group is ultimately responsible for delivering compelling end-user value, and a lot of that is a function of the experiences that are delivered on top of the OS.”

Additionally, there are 14 more vacancies at Google, all looking for Senior Software Engineers, System Administrators, and the like to work on the ‘Augmented Reality OS’. Some qualifications mention an “understanding of Linux kernel and driver model” as a preferred qualification, and it’s clear that Google wants to develop a new operating system that will require knowledgeable professionals from the industry to get it off the ground.

We don’t have any information on whether this will be related to the Google Glas project at all, and it could be a completely different AR project that Google has in mind. The new operating system may be based on Linux or Android, after all, the original Google Glass was based on Android. We’ve also heard about Fuchsia OS a lot, but that may only be intended for IoT devices. We’ll have to wait until we find out more in the near future.


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