Google’s likely launching its wireless service tomorrow, more details leak

The Google wireless service is nearly here, according to trusted sources of The Wall Street Journal. The publication reported Tuesday that the Mountain View company is prepared to launch the wireless service, which leverages both the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, on Wednesday (April 22).

As per the same sources, the service allows customers to only pay for the data they use – this isn’t akin to a model any other major US carrier uses (though some have embraced the concept of rollover data as of late), and it’s unclear how it will be regarded in the telecommunications industry.

Initially, the service will only be available on the Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone, which can switch between the Sprint and T-Mobile networks on the fly, depending on which has the stronger signal. This should help alleviate dead zone complaints that may be had with either carrier alone. It’s also expected to work with WiFi networks when the phone is connected.

The service isn’t likely meant as a major disruptor in the wireless industry; rather, at this stage, this is a small-scale experiment that could either grow from here or stay dead in the water. We’ll likely know more in the coming hours.

Update: Project Fi has gone official, with signups open now.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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