We recently heard that Samsung would ask Google for some help in sending some of its founding Android engineers to take part in the Apple vs. Samsung trial, to which Google agreed. It’s only fair that Google participated in helping Samsung fix these issues since some of these patent claims have mainly to do with Android, and not necessarily TouchWiz. What we didn’t know is that Google had also decided to do more than just participate in the trial with its employees.

It’s pretty much confirmed that Google will be paying for some of Samsung’s damages in case Apple wins the patent trial that both companies are facing. This would apply in case Apple defeats Samsung in two specific patents, numbers 414 and 959, which cover background synchronization and universal search respectively, features which are available on every Android phone today. Google’s lawyer James Maccoun also revealed that the additional reasons why Google will support Samsung monetarily if necessary, is because of the agreement signed between both companies in order to allow for Google Apps to run on Samsung smartphones running Android.

Hopefully this patent trial will lead to a happy ending, as Apple is seeking more than just a flat fee for its patent litigation. Apple wants around $40 for every Samsung smartphone built, which would definitely mean more than just one check to be written between Samsung/Google and Apple.

Source: Re/code
Via: BGR

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