Thanks to the rumors about Google Babel, we’ve be talking a lot recently about the company’s efforts to unify all its messaging systems under one roof. So far, that’s looked to Google rounding-up all its in-house products which offer messaging, but could Google also be looking to augment its own services as part of a broader messaging strategy? We’re wondering just that, after hearing the rumor that Google could be trying to purchase WhatsApp.

This follows December’s rumors that Facebook might be trying to snag WhatsApp, which never did come to pass. Supposedly, Google’s been talking with WhatsApp for about a month now, and that WhatsApp has been trying to get Google’s offer up to around one billion dollars.

Of course, even if Google does acquire WhatsApp, that doesn’t mean that it will get bundled-in to Babel, and it could very well live on (for the immediate future, at least) as the same app users have come to know and love. Still, this is very much a rumor for the moment, and much like the Facebook one, this too could sublimate away into nothingness.

Source: Digital Trends
Via: iClarified

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