Google brings Waze Carpool pilot to San Francisco, but Uber has nothing to worry about

Not another barely legal so-called ridesharing service to stir the traditional taxi pot. Well, no, because off the bat, Google appears to be enforcing strict rules and regulations for the Waze Carpool program, consisting of a free Android and iOS Waze Rider app, to ensure its drivers aren’t tempted to quit their day jobs.

In fact, this specifically targets people who use their personal automobiles first and foremost to get to and from work in the morning and evening, pairing them up to save everyone a little money, and support a “greener commute.”

Only available across the greater San Francisco/South San Francisco, the Peninsula and Mountain View areas for the time being in a pre-release beta testing phase, Waze Carpool aims to match riders and drivers with “nearly identical commutes based on their home and work addresses.”

Yes, you’re looking at an actual, honest ridesharing service, merely allowing for a couple of two-person journeys by vehicle a day, significantly cheaper to use than Uber or Lyft, as passengers simply “pitch in for gas at a rate suggested by Waze”, no greater than $0.54 per mile. Nobody gets rich, no laws are broken, everybody’s happy. Just don’t try to drop your kids off somewhere on the way to the office.

Source: Waze
Via: TechCrunch

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