Google Wallet may be making its way to Glass, along with voice command

If you have Google Glass, and need to quickly send money to someone, you may soon be in luck. A report allegedly from sources close to Google states that the company is testing Glassware letting users do just that, and there is even a reported voice command associated with it — “OK Glass, send money”.

The feature is similar to one we have seen rolled out to users of Gmail, so we would not exactly be surprised to see a similar feature land on Glass.

Many use-cases can be thought up for the functionality a Wallet app would provide on Glass, including splitting bills with friends and family, and even buying items from merchants letting you use the money sending feature. A thing to keep in mind for those who would be interested is that Google takes a 2.9% or $0.30 commission on all Wallet transactions, whichever is higher.

Any Glass-wearers out there interested in trying this out?

Source: TechCrunch
Via: Android Central

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