Google Voice finally gets an update – app review (Video)

No more wondering who remembers Google Voice still exists, using the super-handy but long-neglected all-in-one communication service since the old days of GrandCentral. Pocketnow’s very own senior editor, Juan Carlos Bagnell, has no problem declaring his love and devotion for an app that seemed to go the way of the dodo, replacing Google Talk as an integral part of Hangouts a few years back, but now out of nowhere receiving a long overdue major update.

This brings a fresh coat of paint and a bunch of new tricks to the table, aiming primarily to simplify navigation, modernize the UI, and spiff up the settings menu. All those goals are neatly achieved in our reviewer’s personal opinion, though you may find it a little annoying that some classic features and options are buried deeper than before in the name of minimalism.

Still, Google Voice remains undoubtedly useful for managing multiple phone numbers through one master account and answering text messages on a proper computer, among others, also getting “advanced” MMS and group texting capabilities at last. It’s alive, ladies and gentlemen, and it objectively looks better, more intuitive, as well as cleaner than ever.

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