It’s been a long time coming: slowly but surely, Google’s been pushing existing messaging services into Hangouts. Already we’ve seen Hangouts become the new destination for text messaging on our phones, and rumors extending back into last year suggested that the next to make the transition to Hangouts would be Google Voice. Evidence has popped-up time and time again to that effect, and this week we finally learn that the change is in progress, as Android users are prompted to migrate Voice conversations over to Hangouts.

Even after all this time waiting, it sounds like there are still some glitches Google has yet to iron-out. Reports suggest that Hangouts is working like a charm when it comes to initially receiving text messages sent to your Voice account, but that the reply process is a bit broken.

Presumably Google is currently hard at work smoothing-over those wrinkles, and if this sounds a little too rough-around-the-edges at the moment, you’re not being forced to move Voice to Hangouts right now; the prompt gives you the option to choose “not now,” but knowing Google as we do, we should take that “now” bit to heart, as these migrations rarely stay optional for long.

That said, many Voice users sound quite enthusiastic about this move, having been asking for such integration for months. What do you think about the move? Have you migrated your account yet? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Android Police

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