Google Voice has sent an email out to users who have integrated service with their Sprint account telling them that the integration will be broken off on June 1.

The multi-phone management system has allowed users to have their Sprint device ring along with landline devices as well as their Gmail page when they receive a call. Users can also delegate certain times of day for a certain device to ring (e.g., a work device from 9am to 5pm). All of the calls, voicemails and text messages can be sent through internet protocols and logged down in one central Google Voice account. But now, with “upgrades to Sprint’s network,” Google Voice will no longer be integrated onto Sprint devices.

Customers can still forward calls made to their Google Voice number over to their Sprint number and any messages logged before June 1 will remain stored — better yet, they can be exported at this link. Users should also navigate to the Google Voice settings and remove the number that’s being used for the Sprint integration.

However, calls and messages will now be made through Sprint’s network using the Sprint number. Google Voice users will have to get a new number and download the dedicated app (Android or iOS) to continue using the service on their Sprint phone. Sprint subscribers with an Android phone can set up their Google Voice number to be used with their device’s main calling app.

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