Google Voice and Project Fi to meet, or so it is said

Project Fi and Google Voice never played nice with each other for the duration of their co-existence. The latter, more senior technology which allowed its users to sort out different numbers and route them through one device or another or all of them just couldn’t meet up Google’s MVNO service. If you have a Project Fi number, you’re stuck with it on one device at a time on one account.

It seemed like Google Voice was crawling into its coffin for the longest time, but it recently got a makeover, web-based MMS and, per 9to5Mac‘s source on this topic, we may finally get Google Voice to work with Project Fi accounts.

This feature is said to be in addition to ones integrated into Hangouts, now destined for a full revamp for enterprise purposes. They include voicemail, transcription, communications history, blocking features and more. Both Google Voice and Project Fi users have been shuttling between their native apps and Hangouts for full service amenities, but could meet with each other as the third app transforms — we know it’s transforming to the point that it’s not included in most pre-loaded Google app packages on Android phones.

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