Google is winding-down the week and getting ready for the weekend with release of a couple small updates to some of its Android apps.

Earlier this week, Google made the radical decision to do away with the Android Market as we knew it and rebrand the service under its new Google Play umbrella. While functionally identical to the old Market we knew and loved, the Google Play Store saw a few unexpected consequences upon its arrival, like breaking compatibility with instances of Motorola’s Blur UI that had been configured to look for the Market by its old name. Today, Google’s made a small tweak to the app that should now let it play nicely alongside Blur.

Google Maps is also seeing itself on the receiving end of a minor update, this time dealing with navigation. There’s no new functionality, but changes to the UI should make the app a little faster to use, especially if you’re trying to make adjustment to a route as you’re driving. The apps’s menu button gets slightly relocated to now live in the on-screen UI, and pressing it now presents a less cluttered-looking compact icon-based menu instead of the tall list it used to.

Source: Google Play Store, Droid-life

Via: Droid-life

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