Google updates Android Excellence collections with high-quality new apps and games

In addition to Google Play Awards, handed out yearly since spring 2016 to standouts across a dozen of Android apps and games categories, an Android Excellence program was unveiled a few months ago as another way for the overseers of the world’s top mobile operating system to recognize the platform’s, well, excellence.

According to Google’s introductory Android Developers Blog post, the new collections of exceptional Android apps and games include titles delivering “incredible user experiences”, taking advantage of many of El Goog’s “best practices”, and also featuring “great design, technical performance, localization, and device optimization.”

The time has come for the first quarterly refresh of the two lists, and in true Google fashion, you can find both well-known rookies and outright obscure titles among the October 1 recommended games and apps.

For instance, Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne boasts over 100 million Play Store downloads and more than 7.7 million user reviews averaging a solid 4.5 stars. It’s perhaps needless to highlight just how small numbers associated with Karma. Incarnation 1 or Iron Marines are. For the sake of comparison, we should mention the latter has barely been able to cross the 10,000 download mark, while the former is yet to hit 7,000 reviews.

Still, Google only orders the three, along with many other top-notch mobile games, alphabetically, commending them equally for their optimizations and adoption of the “latest Android features.” That’s probably the whole point of this initiative, helping you discover lesser-known Play Store must-buys and must-downloads.

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