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Google TV getting personalized profiles and watchlists next month

By Sanuj Bhatia October 12, 2021, 2:30 am
google tv profiles

One of the most peculiar things about Android TV, ever since its introduction in 2014, has been the lack of support for custom watchlists and personal profiles. While the whole Android TV system works well with Chromecast and everything, it just doesn’t gel well with multiple users. And not everyone in the household has a personal TV, right? Well, Google is finally rectifying it. Google is planning to bring personalized profiles and watchlists to Google TV starting next month.

With this change, you’ll be able to create different profiles for different users in your household. This will work just like other streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime wherein you’ll get video recommendations based on your watch history (and other interests) rather than your family members’ watch history. Google also says that you’ll be able to create profile for Kids.


Similarly, you’ll be able to create a personal watchlist for yourself. With a personal watchlist, you can let Google keep a track of what you want/want to watch. Moreover, this watchlist will be tied to your account and carry over to all the devices that you’ve signed in to. Google says that with personalized profiles your TV takes into “account interests and preferences to help you discover more of what’s out there for you.”

And one of the most beautiful things about being the feature of the Google universe is that Assistant will also take advantage of this move. Google Assistant will also respond to requests for that particular profile on Google TV rather than pulling the results for the main account. For example, you’ll be able to say “what should I watch?” or “show me my day” and the Assistant will show results for the person who’s asking and not for the main account signed in on TV.

Google also says that app logins and downloaded apps will stay even if a user creates different profiles on TV. So, you won’t have to download apps on all the profiles or sign in again and again.

In addition to personal profiles, Google is also adding more features to the ambient display on Google TV. Google says it will bring more “personalized information and recommendations” to the Google TV’s ambient display. “From the latest game score to the weather, news, and more, your TV will keep you up to date with info based on your profile,” says Google in its blog post.

Lastly, Google has also announced that it is integrating Philo into its live TV service. Philo is already available on YouTube TV and SLING TV, but now, it will also be available in Google TV’s Live and For you tabs. You’ll need to add Philo as Live TV provider in Google TV’s settings.

Google says that personalized profiles will be available on Chromecast with Google TV and Google TVs from TCL and Sony. It will be available globally starting next month. The Ambient modes cards feature will be first available in the U.S. only and then expand to other regions. What are your thoughts on Google bringing personalized profiles to Google TV? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Google


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