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Google TV gains 300 free channels thanks to Pluto TV

Free streaming built-in the Live Tab
By Roland Udvarlaki December 7, 2021, 11:00 am
Google TV Source: Google

Google partnered up with Pluto TV to bring more than 300 new free channels to its Live Tab, where users can browse and watch a wide variety of content for free of charge. The new channels include several news sources, movie channels, music, and many more.

Starting today, Google TV will add support to Pluto TV in its Live Tab section. This means that users will gain easy access to more than 300 free channels offered by Pluto. Pluto is added alongside other live tv streaming providers, and it offers even more choices for consumers to choose from.

Google TV also offers its paid services, such as YouTube TV, Philo, and Sling, although they require customers to subscribe individually and sign up to those services in order to gain access to content.

Google and Pluto TV live channels Source: Google

“Starting today, we’re partnering with Pluto TV so you can access more than 300 free live TV channels on Google TV. Visit the Live tab to see what’s on now, or check out the Free Live TV recommendations in the For You tab. This new integration with Pluto TV will be available on all Google TV devices in the coming weeks.” mentioned Google in a blog post.

The Pluto TV integration will start rolling out from today, and it may take a few days or weeks until it appears on your devices. There are a wide variety of other free applications that you can find on your Google TV devices that gives you access to free movies, but the experience will likely be a lot better now that one of the largest free streaming providers will be baked right into the platform itself.

It’s worth noting that providing access to free live channels, movies, and tv shows isn’t anything new, and companies such as Amazon, Roku, and even Samsung have been offering similar services for many years. In other news,Google has improved the Android TV interface, adding even more features to it recently.

What are your thoughts about the new integration and Google’s partnership with Pluto? Let us know in the comments below!

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