There’s no better way to celebrate a ten-year anniversary of a service as popular and ubiquitous as Google Translate than gloat about the many milestones achieved in the past decade. For instance, did you know over 100 billion words a day are translated through the desktop, Android and iOS app?

That’s a lot of vocabulary processed every 24 hours, and in just a couple of years, Google Translate apparently surged from 200 million daily users to “more than 500 million” people served. Probably not all of them every single day, but half a billion is half a billion.

Unsurprisingly, the most common tasks the statistical machine translation service is asked to perform are word and phrase conversions from English to languages like Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

Still, 92 percent of translations come from outside the US, and leading the pack of countries devoted to Google Translate is sunny, effervescent Brazil. As for what people tend to translate, phrases like “I love you” are always dominant, but occasionally, Big G will notice increases of requests for explanations of trendy idioms including “selfie” last year, and most recently, “purple rain.”

The Mountain View-based search giant remains open to “community” input, with 3.5 million users and a whopping 90 million individual contributions in total helping Google Translate improve over time. Of course, the opportunity to shine the spotlight on advanced features like instant Word Lens image translation, “natural” bilingual conversations, and offline functionality couldn’t have been missed, with Google well aware a Microsoft-designed rival is closing the innovation gap.

But with 103 languages robustly supported, this is still the gold standard of both mobile and desktop translation apps.

Source: Google Blog

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