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A ‘breakie’ (Image: Google)

If you’ve watched the Terminator film series, you certainly must’ve thought whether machines can really take over humanity one day. And if an AI does manage to accomplish that, how would that dystopian future look? While the ‘robocalypse’ still seems a tad far away in the future, Google has managed to train an AI that can come up with hybrid dessert recipes.

Google is calling these hybrid desserts cakie and breakie

Now, the term hybrid desserts sounds bad (and I am just being polite here) on its own, but wait until you hear the actual names of these culinary monstrosities. A cross between a cake and cookie is called Cakie, while the amalgam of a cookie and bread has been christened by Google as Breakie. Now, enough about the ranting, and more about how Google actually managed to train an AI to come up with such recipes that no one asked for.

“We started off by collecting hundreds of cookie, cake and bread recipes. Then we converted all of their ingredients to ounces and whittled them down to a few essential ingredients,” Google notes in its blog post. “Then we used a Google Cloud tool called AutoML Tables to build a machine learning model that analyzed a recipe’s ingredient amounts and predicted whether it was a recipe for cookies, cake or bread.”

Feeling adventurous? Go try these AI-perfected recipes

Google claims that its AI model was not only able to tag cakes, cookies, and breads based on their ingredients, but could also recognize hybrid dishes, two of which happen to be the awfully-named desserts called cakie and breakie. Aside from coming up with new recipes. the AI model was also able to identify what sets a cake apart from bread or cookie based on the ingredients and their ratio.

The hybrid dessert called ‘cakie’ (Image: Google)

Want to know more about the technical details of how machine learning was used to make an AI understand the art of baking and then come up with its very own recipes for hybrid desserts? Read this detailed ‘Baking recipes with an AI’ post here.

In the meanwhile, try these AI-generated cakie and breakie recipes if you’re in an adventurous mood and those names sound appetizing to you. As for me, I will NOT go anywhere close to these recipes as long as I am in my senses, but I am also confident that my curiosity will get the better of me. So, best of luck to you, and me too!

Image: Google
Image: Google
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