Titan Security Key is Google’s own 2FA hardware authenticator

On the second day of the ongoing Cloud Next 2018, Google announced an enterprise-focused hardware 2FA Security Key, part of the Titan secure elements family. It will be available soon in the Google Store and aims to offer “the strongest, most phishing-resistant authentication factor”.

The Titan Security Key a FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance security key which includes firmware developed by Google to verify its integrity. One model one packs NFC, Bluetooth, and a port for charging over USB-C for mobile devices. The other requires a standard USB port and connects to computers.

Enhanced protection against phishing using a key is achieved by superior 2-step verification, a procedure which employs cryptography. This verification process makes sure that, on one hand, you’re logging into the service you originally registered the security key with. On the other hand, it verifies for the existence of a correct security key.

Google Cloud customers can already purchase the Titan Security Key, which is targeted at “high-value users, especially cloud admins”. It will also be available for anyone to purchase “soon” on the Google Store.

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