One of the biggest mysteries of the fall, as ironic as it may sound, is the pastry name that Google will select for the next version of Android. A few months ago we were all certain that Android K would be dubbed Key Lime Pie, and it turned out to be KitKat out of the blue. For now there is still a lot of speculation over the final name of Android L, and given the rumors that Google will announce new Nexus products silently tomorrow, things begin to make more sense with a new teaser launched by Google today.

Google has just launched a teaser video named “Sweeeeet” on YouTube, and it’s actually a hilarious video that shows us all the possible Android L name options competing against each other in a casting. You’ll notice Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake, Lady Finger and Lemon Drop as possible options. Funny though, since the name Lollipop is nowhere to be found in the video, and at some point we did believe that this would be the closest option.

Make sure you watch the video and give us your predictions.

Source: Android (YouTube)

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