Google’s Tango-based Lenovo Phab2 Pro phone is finally hitting retail next month

While there was certainly a lot to get excited about on display at Google’s far-reaching San Francisco hardware event yesterday, we couldn’t help but feel a few things were also missing.

Blame that on Hiroshi Lockheimer’s excessive hyping, and wild last-minute rumors of a prospective Andromeda arrival much earlier than originally predicted. Some VR and AR enthusiasts probably expected more noise on the Daydream announcement front as well, plus a passing reminder at the very least of the Tango platform’s capabilities and imminent commercial materialization.

No reason to fear this might go the way of the dodo (and Project Ara) anytime soon however, as the search giant’s head of the virtual reality department, Clay Bavor, confirmed shortly after the Pixel shindig that the Lenovo Phab2 Pro is firmly slated for a November US rollout.

Still priced at $499 unlocked, the indoor navigation, 3D mapping, environmental recognition and augmented reality-capable 6.4-incher was first unveiled in June, with a vague “late summer” ETA. That quietly turned into September, then a bleakly ambiguous “fall”, though whatever software or hardware glitches may have caused the delays, they now seem a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, Bavor also just validated our anxieties about the Phab2 Pro not supporting Daydream VR, promising nonetheless “you won’t have to make a choice” between virtual and augmented reality “a bit further out.” Hopefully, we won’t need to wait another year for a phone to combine the two platforms.

Source: Cnet

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