On December 14 Google officially announced some changes regarding Google Sync, mainly that starting January 30, 2013, “consumers won’t be able to set up new devices using Google Sync”. We told you that this might be a good opportunity for you to switch to Outlook.com and its services but moving your info can sometimes (if not all times) be a real hassle.

If you’re a Windows Phone user and you have a Google-provided e-mail account then there are two bits of good news for you! First of all, Mountain View has extended Windows Phone connection support via Google Sync until July 31, 2013. Second, Microsoft is hard at work trying to implement CalDAV and CardDAV support for Calendar and Contacts, joining already existent support for IMAP e-mail. Once in place, these chances will allow Windows Phone users to continue using Google’s offerings after July 31, 2013. …or,  you can always switch to Outlook.com!

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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