Google Store wipes Android Wear watches clean out of the site

With the Apple Watch Series 3 making the most waves in the smartwatch space right now and an ecosystem otherwise suffering for some identity, Android Wear 2.0 seems to have been put aside on a dusty shelf at the moment.

No wrist-wearables debuted at the “Made by Google” event this week and there’s a palpable lack of excitement — if you even care to go searching for it — about the LG-made Watch Sport and Watch Style that debuted without much fanfare. So, it is only fair to see that the Google Store, flush with these new “in-house” products and “Made for Google” accessories, drop Android Wear products from its page. All of them.

Take a look at the Wear section of the main Android site and you’ll find plenty of options to go around. Well, except for the said LG watches. Clicking through to a Google Store link will lead to a page for a discontinued product.

Many look decent for the hundreds of dollars you would pay for them. But reviewers have reported too many tics and nags with the core of all these devices, Android Wear 2.0, to continue caring for them. And that’s just a darn shame.

Smartwatches are the pretty much the only post-smartphone thing we have that’s widely being developed upon right now. Will there be another vertical to quickly replace it or will Google have started kicking into gear by then, if only too late?

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