Google Store continues Android Wear cleanup with Fossil Q family exit

While Android is all about choice, diversity and, well, crowdedness, Google has always tried to keep its official hardware e-store neat and tidy, retiring own-brand phones, tablets and other devices, as well as products from third-party manufacturers, as soon as they began to feel stale.

Ideally, the search giant would replace any discontinued gadget with a similar, newer one, or a direct follow-up, but the next wave of Android Wear smartwatches has been delayed by the platform’s 2.0 setbacks.

Hence, you’re still getting nothing in exchange for the December-booted Huawei Watch, and now “hybrid” Fossil Q wearables are also no more, also with no subs in sight. It’s certainly not surprising to see the Q Founder go, over a year after its Google Store debut, and long past its prime, with lukewarm customer response off the bat.

The Fossil Q Marshal and Q Wander, released last spring, failed to develop much of a mainstream following themselves, merely making headlines with occasional discounts and holiday deals.

Technically however, the US-based Fossil Group still has the luxury $350 Michael Kors Access available through Google’s domestic online shop, planning a grand total of 300 new releases across brands like Diesel, Emporio Armani, Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, Misfit, Skagen and, well, Fossil this year. It remains to be seen how many will run Android Wear, with the Misfit Vapor, for instance, built on a proprietary OS instead.

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