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Google starts rolling out heart rate and respiratory tracking via camera on Pixel 6

Google has started rolling out camera-powered heart rate and respiratory rate tracking on the Pixel 6, but there's a catch
By Sanuj Bhatia November 12, 2021, 1:29 am
Google Pixel 6 camera featured

Back in February, Google previewed its "Fit" tech that could track heart rate and respiratory rate using the cameras of the phone. 9to5Google has now reported that Pixel 6 is now getting the ability to measure heart rate and respiratory in "early access."

AndroidPolice has since reported that the feature is "early access" for some while others are getting the feature without the "early access tag." For those getting the feature with the testing tag, Google says that tracking respiratory rate and measuring heart rate “using just your phone” is “being fine-tuned and may be removed.” Google's claim of the tracking not being accurate on the Pixel 6 is justified as the primary lens of the camera and the flash are quite a distance apart on the camera bar.

For those looking to try the feature on their Pixel 6 unit, they can head over to the Google Fit app on their smartphone wherein they'll see a "Measure your health" section. Tapping on it will open up the camera wherein the Google Fit app will ask you to align your finger. The app will take a reading and then provide results based on the scan towards the bottom of the screen. Occasionally, the Pixel 6 will ask users to turn on the flashlight to "increase accuracy in dark environments."

As noted by both 9to5Google and AndroidPolice, the feature seems like a server-side switch. So, if you don't see the feature just yet, don't panic. Google will eventually enable the heart rate and respiratory rate tracking feature on your Pixel 6.

Via: 9to5Google, AndroidPolice

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