That Daydream-separate Google VR headset is reportedly ‘advancing’ quite rapidly

In case you couldn’t already tell, Google is no longer messing around with futuristic virtual reality technology. Gone are the days of rudimentary Cardboard viewers, as the Daydream platform takes both immersive hardware and software to the next level.

But there’s also a level after that, and the search giant might swiftly be closing in on the commercial debut of one of the world’s first standalone VR headsets. No more having to use a smartphone as the brains and/or eyes of a cutting-edge portal into a parallel universe, and no following in Oculus or HTC’s PC-connecting footsteps either.

What Big G is thinking up could be even bigger than Microsoft’s long-in-development HoloLens, blurring the lines between virtual and augmented reality by “bringing the world into VR, rather than VR into the world.”

Alas, we don’t have a lot of specifics on how the all-in-one device will actually work, just more vague chatter of reality augmentation through “displaying digital objects alongside environments and objects from the real world”, and the integration of eye tracking, sensors and algorithms to “map out the real-world space in front of a user.”

Motion tracking and positional awareness could be facilitated with chips supplied by Intel subsidiary to-be Movidius, and a recent FCC approval of a super-cryptic “wireless virtual reality” product possibly signals this Daydream-unrelated, independent Google VR headset is truly right around the corner.

Sources: Engadget, The Drum

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