Google is the latest tech giant reportedly interested in betting big on AR

While virtual reality is still considered a big part of an immersive technology future by a number of top hardware and software companies, more and more efforts are reportedly being made to develop, refine and promote truly groundbreaking AR and MR experiences.

We’re not talking just timid Google ARCore, Apple ARKit and Windows Mixed Reality initiatives, as the Microsoft HoloLens is the first of several ultra-premium standalone smartglasses meant to revolutionize the way we interact with the surrounding world.

Along with a more mainstream, consumer-oriented HoloLens version, a mysterious Apple AR device possibly running its very own OS, and a “powerful” wireless MR headset co-developed by Samsung and Microsoft, something big could also come from Google… sooner or later.

Something a lot bigger, fancier and more complex than existing Daydream products, although the ambitious augmented reality project is still in its early stages, and no plans are final. Described as an “open design” in its current implementation, this would use no wires, require no connection to a phone or PC, and be able to combine elements of the real world with digital content for complete immersion all by itself.

In order to make that happen, Google is expected to use Qualcomm’s first SoCs built specifically for the IoT industry. Namely, the QCS603 processor, although high-end QCS605 integration is also possible if development takes more than a few months.

That’s probably going to be the case, but either way, whatever chipset the search giant decides to adopt should be more than capable of producing some mesmerizing experiences. The QCS603 comes with two Kryo 300 Gold and two Kryo 300 Silver CPU cores, while the 605 includes a grand total of six Kryo 300 Silver cores, with the dual 300 Gold cluster clocked at an impressive 2.5GHz.

The only other detail revealed by “master of cheap scoops” Roland Quandt about a product known on the inside as the Google A65 is that Taiwan’s Quanta will likely handle its actual mass-manufacturing… someday.

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