Google working on Swift, support branch found with mysterious Fuchsia OS

Apple’s open-source choice of code, Swift, has a new campsite at Google.

Chris Lattner — Swift’s creator and former Apple employee who is now working on Google’s AI co-processor, TensorFlow — responded to a recent controversy regarding a new GitHub repository for Google containing Swift’s full run of libraries. Lattner tweeted that there’s been a groundswell of Swift coding at Google and that an “integration point” was needed.

There have been clues to Swift’s growing role at Google for at least the past year.

The Verge reports that on the Apple side of GitHub, Google’s Zac Bowling has requisitioned a support branch (which has started to devolved into several commits) where he is working initial support for the OS project he is working on — Fuchsia. Reciprocating that, the Fuchsia gerrit now features a Swift example plot now exists featuring Chinese text reading “hello world.”

Fuchsia OS has been in the works for more than a year with a user interface targeted for mobile form factors. There’s a lot of C language in the platform, but also some of Google’s own Dart and is being designed for apps that run on many logics, including JavaScript and Swift. There’s speculation that this operating system will allow Google to move away from Android’s Java base, the source of a protacted legal dispute with Java’s owner, Oracle. Nothing has been officially said of why this project exists, though.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean that iOS apps will start getting ported over — there are quite a few proprietary wrappers and code inclusion requirements for that to be worth the effort.

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