Google Stadia will support even more Android TV devices later this month

Google Stadia is one of the best cloud gaming services on the market today, however it does not yet support all of the Android TV devices, and even the new Chromecast with Google TV wasn’t compatible at launch. However, it all changes very soon as the company aims to bring support to a lot more devices later this month.

Google Stadia has published in a blog post that the gaming service will be available on the most recently released Chromecast device: the Chromecast with Google TV. Not only that, Stadia will also now support a wide variety of new Android TV devices.

Here’s the list of new and compatible devices that will start supporting Stadia from June 23:

  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Hisense® Android Smart TVs (U7G, U8G, U9G)
  • Nvidia® Shield TV
  • Nvidia® Shield TV Pro
  • Onn™ FHD Streaming Stick and UHD Streaming Device
  • Philips® 8215, 8505, and OLED 935/805 Series Android TVs
  • Xiaomi® MIBOX3 and MIBOX4

If your Android TV device isn’t on the list, you will be able to opt into an experimental program to play Stadia on the big screen. This should allow more people to try out Stadia for the first time as it will be available in the Play Store.

Since it’s an experimental program that’s still in-development, support and stability might be an issue for a while. You’ll be able to report issues for the team to fix in upcoming new releases. When playing, you’ll be able to use a Stadia Controller or a compatible Bluetooth controller that you might already own to try out the gaming service.

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