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New Google tool helps pick the perfect Android smartphone for you

By Stephen Schenck June 11, 2015, 7:23 pm

“What phone should I get?” It’s a question we think about constantly, whether answering listener mail on the Pocketnow Weekly podcast, or thinking about new phones as we review them, wondering what sort of user they make the most sense for. And with as many options out there as there are, it’s one that can feel more difficult to answer each day. That’s more true on Android than any other platform, but to help you make sense of it all, Google’s stepping up with a new online tool, designed to help you find the most appropriate smartphone for your needs.

Start out by telling Google what you plan to use your phone for, and how much time you intend to spend doing that, and its tool begins narrowing down its search parameters. Add a few more use cases if you’d like, answering questions like whether your camera interests are more about fast, high-quality shots from your primary camera or really nice-looking selfies, and Google quickly starts finding some phones you might enjoy.

You can keep specifying important features, or jump right over to Google’s list of suggestions, where you can further prune the list down by choice of carrier, size, cost, and more.

It’s a nice effort from Google, and really we only wish the options were more finely tuned – you can choose phone sizes by small, medium, or large, but there’s no way to specifically name a screen size in inches. The same goes for prices – no way to specify a particular dollar range.

While it doesn’t cover every handset under the sun, the selection looks pretty varied, so give it a shot if you’re in the market for a new handset.

Source: Google

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