Instead of replacing or contending the traditional Gmail app, Google’s Inbox service was always meant as an experimental simplification of email organization, as well as a public platform for testing new ways to drive the search giant’s larger communication initiatives forward.

At long last, the most unique, interesting and prospectively game-changing Inbox feature is ready for primetime, i.e. Gmail migration, after essentially getting a slightly wider-scale evaluation push on Allo with the IM app’s Android and iOS launch back in the fall of 2016.

Unlike Big G’s higher-profile software products unveiled or detailed at the I/O 2017-opening keynote yesterday, which are all either coming “soon” or “later in the year”, Smart Reply is already rolling out to Gmail users on mobile devices (in English only), with desktop support and Spanish suggestions also just a few weeks away.

The add-on may of course need a couple of days to spread out, or if you’re really impatient, it could help to try to manually update your Gmail app. Once it’s there, Smart Reply will utilize fancy machine learning to feed you potential quick responses to messages, and obviously, get better at it the “more you use it.”

You should see three reaction suggestions to each memo or question Smart Reply can understand and try to answer for you, with edits and additions always possible. And if you’re worried about privacy, it’s totally cool and easy to deactivate the function from the settings menu.

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