In the age of streaming, I often have to ask friends or do a Google search to find the channels on which I can watch a high-stake football fixture or cricket match live. To make things easier, Google will now help you find channels airing a live MLB and NBA game in the US. Now, searching for keywords such as “where to watch the Clippers game” or “how to watch the A’s game” will bring up the channel information right at top of the search results.


Additionally, if you search for an individual team, you will see information about live TV programming in a box labeled “Live on” on the search results page. The new feature currently covers cable and network channels, but it will soon include information from digital streaming platforms as well, and for more sports leagues other than just NBA and MLB.

Where 2 Watch Sports MLB.gif

Additionally, when you search for keywords such as “what to watch” or “good shows to watch”, you’ll see a carousel of channels below the red “On TV now” button. The carousel includes channels airing movies and TV shows from both streaming platforms as well as live TV format. The “On TV later” carousel below it will show TV shows and movies that are next in line for broadcast or streaming.


Source: Google Blog

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