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Google has today made a slew of announcements as part of its Search On event, ranging from improvements to its bread-and-butter Search engine and new learning tools for students to multiple Google Maps enhancements and useful smart device tricks. However, the one that really caught my attention was a new Google Search feature that will let you discover ‘that one song’ whose title or lyrics you don’t remember. All you have to do is just hum the song and Google Search will do the rest.

Yes, it's that simple And, it works!

Aside from humming a song, you can whistle it out or simply sing that one line you remember in melody. You can perform the ‘hum search’ in the latest version of the Google app or simply do it with the search widget on your phone’s home screen. Alternatively, summon the Google Assistant with a voice command and say “What’s that song?” Once it opens a blank equalizer window, start humming (or whistling, or singing) for around 10-15 seconds. Google Search will do will take it from there.

Hum to Search

'Hum search' supports more than 20 languages on Android

This feature currently supports more than 20 languages on the Android platform, but it is limited to only the English language on iOS. I whistled a couple of songs in English, tried a few classics in Urdu and Hindi languages, and even hummed a Persian song. And each time, the result was 100 percent accurate. Do keep in mind that Google Search will present with you with more than one result, so you have to listen to each and find the one that your ears are longing to hear. In my experience, the one at the top is almost always the right one.

Once you see the song list, you can tap on it to see more details such as artist name, view the official video, find its lyrics, and more information on Google Search. Google has employed Machine Learning to bring this new feature to life and explains that a song’s melody acts as its fingerprint. Once you hum or whistle, the Machine Learning models use the voice data to match it with the fingerprint, helping users discover the right song. And all that fingerprint matching happens in real-time as you hum from the depths of your heart. 

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