Google Search makes it easy to follow the US presidential race

Unless you’ve been living under a very remote rock, you’re probably aware by now of the Iowa Caucuses’ outcome in both the Republican and Democratic presidential nomination competitions.

The contest for the overall final is more evenly matched than ever, as Bernie Sanders lost the first provisional battle to Hillary Clinton by a measly five delegate votes, and Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio’s hopes for ultimately getting elected remain alive and well.

In case you need some online help keeping track of the heated races going forward, Google hooks you up with a number of algorithm tweaks that bring the primary results one simple search away, and each candidate’s stand on the issues that matter most right beneath their quick bio.

That’s right, searching for Donald Trump’s name will now pull a few photos of that hilarious wig, his date and place of birth (sadly, it’s in the US), spouse and parents’ names, alongside one of his many controversial statements on ultimately reasonable themes like immigration, gun control, planned parenthood, global warming, or general economic policies.

Meanwhile, as the races advance, it’ll be enough to search “primary results” or “resultados de la eleccion primaria” to check out where each contender is positioned on their way to the world’s toughest gig, and Google Now cards will make sure to remind you when you actually need to vote.

Source: Inside Search Blog

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