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Google Search gets Full Coverage to give you the complete picture of a news event

By Nadeem Sarwar March 8, 2021, 3:02 pm
full coverage google search

Google News offers a neat feature called ‘full coverage’ that bundles all news coverage related to a story – including breaking news, opinions, and featured articles – into a single feed for a more exhaustive overview. I personally find this feature particularly useful when I want to see different takes on an event in a single place. Now, the company is bringing that experience to Google Search on mobile as well

Starting today, users will now be able to see the full coverage of a topic with Google Search on mobile devices. When you search for a topic that is making waves, you will see a “More news on…” option just below the news carousel that appears at the top of the search results. 

Full coverage google search
“With this launch, we’re introducing new technology that is able to detect long-running news stories that span many days, like the Super Bowl, to many weeks or months like the COVID-19 pandemic. We then organize the Full Coverage page to help people easily find top news along with additional content like explainers and local coverage that are helpful to understanding these complex stories.”

The Full Coverage experience for Google Search on mobile devices is currently limited to the English language content for users based in the US only. However, the company has promised to expand support for it to other regions as well, and adding support for more languages too. 

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On desktop though, if you search a topic, you will see a ‘View All’ button below the news carousel. And if you tap on it, it opens a vertically scrolling feed of all the coverage around that topic by switching to the dedicated news section. Google originally launched Full Coverage back in May of 2018 with the intention of providing a full picture to a news event by giving users access to a wider coverage from varied sources and viewpoints. 


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