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When it comes to finding information on the web, Google Search is the primary source for a majority of internet users. While information is readily available in pages upon pages of search results, it takes another search for users to find information about the source to assess its credibility and determine if the information is trustworthy or not. Google is removing the hassle of that second step by adding a new ‘About this result’ tool to Google Search.

'About this result' starts rolling out today in the US on mobile, desktop and Google app on Android

Now, when users search something and open a Search results page, they will see a menu button (three-dot icon) that can be clicked (or tapped) to bring up the ‘About this result’ information box that will contain a brief introduction of that source/website pulled from Wikipedia. And in case the source doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, Google will pull up other useful information such as when that website was first indexed to provide users some background about it.

Google Search 'About this result'

For search results such as job listings, the ‘About this result’ tool will specify if it is a paid ad or if the listing has been pulled from an organic search query. Users will also be able to verify if the source follows the HTTPS protocol, ensuring that the particular webpage is secure and safe to visit. There will also be two buttons at the bottom – the first one will take users directly to the privacy settings page, while the other one will provide an overview of how Search works.

“With this additional context, you can make a more informed decision about the sites you may want to visit and what results will be most useful for you,” Google says in its blog post. The ‘About this result’ feature will begin appearing for users starting today in the US on mobile, desktop, as well as the Google app on Android. But given how useful the new Search tool is, the company might soon expand to it other regions and platforms too.

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