Google has lately been on an integration spree to make its offerings more accessible, with the latest one being the arrival of Google Meet in the Gmail app. Moving forward in the same direction, Google has today announced a major update for G Suite users that brings deeper integration for services like Chat, Meet, and Rooms in Gmail for both mobile and web – in addition to other tools like Docs and Sheets as well as third-party apps such as Trello.

The core idea is to bring all productivity platforms in one place, rather than making users switch between apps for each task. Here are a few of the features announced by the company:

  • Shared files and tasks in Chat rooms so that you can access important documents and to-dos in one place. Users can also create rooms where people from a different company (contractor or consultant) can also join the conversation.
  • Real-time collaboration, allowing users to open and co-edit a document in rooms without leaving Gmail and also chat about it simultaneously on the same screen. In the meanwhile, users can also assign a task as well.
3 docs side-by-side.jpg
  • Users can also access third-party apps such as DocuSign, Salesforce and Trello, and get actionable updates across Gmail, Chat, and rooms.
4 integrated workspace.gif
  • The ability to join a video call from a chat, create a task from a message in chat, or forward a chat message directly to inbox.
5 video chat.jpg
  • The search feature in Gmail now works across both your email inbox and Chat. Here’s how it looks:
Mail Search.gif

Moreover, users can also pin important rooms, set a notice such as “Out of office” or specify their availability status to “Do Not Disturb.” All the aforementioned changes are available only for G Suite subscribers and require a sign up to appear in the weeks to come.

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