The Android One program has been active for just over four years now.

For most of its early life, it was a moribund project that made software management a breeze for low-tier phone makers. Lately, it has been a badge of pride for one manufacturer and a test bed for reluctant competitors. But throughout its history, it has always provided a clean Android experience with guaranteed software updates for two years — something most OEMs can’t or won’t provide for their budget devices.

Google put a promise in text on the Android One webpage that would assure OS upgrades for at least two years. However, that promise has since disappeared with the latest redesign of that page. The company does pledge that it will provide three years of software updates, but users would have to confirm with their manufacturer for their OS policy.

Mind you, it wasn’t as bad as when Google pulled the entire Android One page in 2016, but it’s a curious development in any case.

To assuage worries, Google posted a statement with India Today reading:

We confirm that our promise to provide 2 years of updates on Android One devices still stands and our website design does not impact the promise of this program.

The lack of qualifier to the term “updates” leaves us doubtful, but even with HMD Global being a staunch advocate of Android One with most of its Nokia phones on the program, it takes some time to get the latest OS to all of its devices.

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