Alexa had made a lot of friends over the past several months. It’s with that kind of platform that Amazon has been able to sell its Echo products like hotcakes. Heck, other companies can sell Alexa products, too. You can even make your own “Echo”.

So, will Google finally make a move in the voice-interactive sector of the Internet of Things? Sources tell Recode it is working on a project called “Chirp” that will integrate the company’s existing Google Now assistant. The Echo competitor may end up looking a little like the OnHub router.

So, with a well-established neural network growing stronger by the day, why didn’t Google take on Alexa from the beginning? The answer isn’t clear, but both Amazon and Google would want to be able to reap data from queries that help their businesses — providing products for customers to buy or directing people to certain sites, depending on the company.

The sources are betting against a product launch at Google I/O, but there should be a feature preview at the conference.

Source: Re/code
Via: Redmond Pie

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