Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5 (Image only for representation)

Last year, it was reported that Google is designing its own chip called ‘Whitechapel’. It was reported to be present inside its upcoming Pixel smartphone and Chromebooks. A few weeks ago, a new report claimed that the Pixel 6 will be among the first phones to come equipped with the ‘Whitechapel’ chip. The company is internally calling its chip ‘GS101’, where GS likely stands for Google Silicon. Now, a new report has seemingly confirmed the existence of in-house silicone in the upcoming Google Pixel smartphone.

As per a report from XDA-Developers, Google made a code change submitted to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It is a team of Googlers who are attempting to update the SELinux policy of the OsloFeedback app, which is responsible for Soli radar gestures on the Pixel 4. While the code itself doesn’t reveal much, in one of the comments, a Googler responded with a link that leads to Google’s internal source code repo.

The comment says, “you don’t need coredomain to use binder_use. This one lives fine on P21.” According to the report, the P21 refers to Google Pixel 6. Further, the link is not accessible to the public. However, the URL provides some useful information.;l=9?q=%22binder_use(%22%20p:android$%20f:gs101-sepolicy

In the URL, you can notice a specific section of a file located in the /android/device/google/gs101-sepolicy/whitechapel branch. For the unaware, “Whitechapel” is the rumored code-name for the Google silicon. “GS101” likely refers to the first chip in the custom “Google Silicon” line.  Hence, the latest development reiterates that Google is working on its in-house silicon that is likely to be a part of the Pixel 6. While this leak doesn’t reveal any actual details about the Google Silicon chip, it is like a piece of public evidence that ties the upcoming Pixel to GS101 and Whitechapel.

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