It’s not like podcast fans on Android haven’t had plenty of options for finding and listening to the programming of their choice, but earlier this week Google stepped up to really help streamline things, fulfilling last year’s promise of bringing full podcast support to Google Play Music. As both podcast fans and producers, we were seriously happy to see this move finally happen, but it turns out that Play Music integration was only one component to Google’s new love affair with all things podcast. Today the company shares another way it’s making it easier for listeners to connect with the podcasts of their choice, bringing podcast access to the core Google search app.

Now when you ask Google to find you your favorite podcast on an Android device, you’ll get links to its three most recent installments right in your search results, ready to be played with just a tap. Doing so pops up some in-app playback controls, and if the episode you’re looking for isn’t among the last three, you can always pull up more to dive further into a show’s back catalog.

For users who might not already be big Google Play Music listeners, this sounds like a great way to get them engaging with podcasts without requiring them to learn any new behavior; listening to a show really is as easy as searching for its name.

Give it a shot on your Android device today, whether you’re catching up on the Pocketnow Weekly, or your other favorite podcasts.

Source: Google

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