Something ridiculous about Android when switching between phones was that your overall app library, linked to your Google account, kept appearing in full while you were browsing your personal app library on the Google Play Store. If you were stuck without a backup or one that you couldn’t restore for some reason, trudging through the all of apps that you’ve downloaded in the history of your account was a nightmare.

Well, in space year 2017, Google has made a change. The “My apps” section of the Play Store is now tabbed with four pages for users to browse.

First and foremost comes updates, showing just the apps that have updates available for them — you can trigger all of them to update at once or go a la carte — while listing other apps that have only been updated just recently. When inspecting apps you have installed on your device, you have the option of sorting the list four ways. The new leaf for the library of apps that you’ve downloaded automatically excludes apps that are on your device. There’s also a page devoted to any app beta programs you’re involved in.

Finally, an interface that makes sense. Next up, sliced and uncrusted bread.

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