Part of using Gmail means being cool with the fact that Google and its algorithms are constantly scanning your mail (in a hopefully not-at-all-creepy kind of way), using that data to tailor ads for you, as well as advanced features like automatically recognizing messages about upcoming events and adding them to your calendar. Today we learn about some new synergy for Google’s Android apps as it taps into that Gmail data in order to provide you with extra-relevant app recommendations.

Google’s latest Play Store update adds a new setting that allows the app to gather data from Gmail itineraries. Whether you’re planning a trip across the country, or just discussing with friends how you’ll be heading downtown for drinks after work, the Play Store can now use that info to preemptively suggest apps that might be able to enhance your experience. Maybe that means connecting you with a rental car app, or one that can help you find a hot new restaurant.

If this kind of forceful look into your social life is a little more hands-on than you’d prefer your app-discovery experience to be, you’re free to disable the feature and pass up on the tailored app recommendations it seeks to deliver.

But if you’re feeling gung-ho about this brave new personal-data-driven world, sit back, relax, and let Google keep you one step ahead of the apps that might help turn your next trip from good to great.

Source: Greenbot

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