A new dam for devs regarding Play Store app updates

Let’s face it: as much as we prop up the mobile operating platforms and their software updates, the best party has always been third party. We can always mention the good folk who cook up custom recoveries and mods, but we’re talking about app developers in this instance.

And for the longest time, when they’ve had to work on beating out bugs, adding new limbs to the feature set and basically just improve on the damn thing, there’s always been a guessing game of when the drop would happen. Even the developer hitting that “publish” button had little idea except for “I dunno, maybe a couple hours, depends on traffic.”

We now have one new small step towards a sense of punctuality, as Google gives devs “timed publishing.” No, it’s not a scheduler, it’s a stop-gap measure between uploading app updates and … wait for it, it still has to process … actually publishing them on the Play Store.

Update processing will take as long as it always has, but after that’s done, having it appear to users will only take “a few minutes.” It gives publishers better control, though, of exactly when updates go up, but not the set-it-and-forget-it kind of control.

Catches? Definitely: developers can’t call off changes and they also can’t “schedule” an app debut at all.

Like we said, one small step.

Source: Google
Via: Android Central

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