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It was late spring when we first started hearing rumors that Google was looking to snatch-up streaming music service Songza, known for its custom-tailored playlists designed to fit nearly every social situation on personal mood under the sun: uplifting tunes to start your day, peaceful melodies to lull you to sleep, and everything in between. A month later, that acquisition was confirmed, and today Google finally announces the fruits of that effort, with Songza integration coming to Play Music.

Subscribers will be able to choose from these Songza-sourced curated playlists by specifying a corresponding activity, mood, or time of day. A variety of relevant stations will also appear in the app’s refreshed Listen Now view. Beyond that functional change, the app also picks up some new Material Design UI influence.

The way Google’s talking about “subscribers” here, the Songza stuff sounds like an All Access exclusive, but Play Music users everywhere should still be able to appreciate the software’s updated design.

The new Play Music with this Songza integration is available as of today for iOS and Android, as well as the service’s web-based interface.

Source: Google

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