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Google Play Music will be no more by the end of this year as the search giant pulls the plugs on it to make way for YouTube Music. Google has today announced that starting in September, users in New Zealand and South Africa will no longer be able to stream music from the app or even use it. And in the next month, the same will happen to users all across the globe.

Google has been asking users to shift their music data from Google Play Music to YouTube Music since May, and is willing to give users until December to make it happen. Even though Google Play Music stops working in October, users will have until December to transfer their data such as playlists, uploads, purchases, likes and more to YouTube Music.

“To ensure users don’t lose any of their content, they’ll need to use the simple transfer tool to migrate any purchases over to YouTube Music or use Google Takeout to export data and download their purchased and uploaded music,” says Google in a blog post. Later this month, Google will kill the ability to purchase and pre-order music, or upload and download music from Google Play Music through Music Manager. 

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