When Apple introduced Apple Music this past summer, one of its most compelling hooks was its attractive pricing structure: while an individual user would shell out ten bucks a month to access the service, things got much more attractive when we brought additional users into the mix, and a family of up to six could share a family plan for just fifteen dollars a month. Google knows a good idea when it sees it, and by early fall the company had announced its own family plan for Google Play Music. It would mirror Apple’s fifteen-dollar pricing, and while Google confirmed the option was on its way, it wasn’t quite ready to say just when. Today we get our answer, as Google Play Music family plan sign-ups are finally about to open.

Just as promised, up to six users can access all of Google’s streaming music catalog by sharing a single fifteen-dollar plan.

At least, that’s the US pricing, but users in Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and the UK will similarly be able to get in on this family plan action. The option to enroll in the plan should come to users in all those nations within the next few days.

Going forward, Google intends to bring these family plans to more and more international users, but the company isn’t quite ready to share a full list of upcoming countries, nor a timetable for when they all might get this option – only that more are coming, and soon.

Source: Google

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