Google Play Music may not be the world’s most famous music streaming service at the moment, but it does provide a solid competing service to Spotify and Apple Music. Obviously the biggest challenge is to have the service remain competitive, family plans were a major caveat of Google Music when compared to other services. Today Google has decided to fix that particular problem, and has done sone in a major way.

Google has just announced Google Play Music family plans. What makes this update cool is that instead of mirroring what Spotify has by barely offering a $5 discount per extra member, Google Play Music Family plans allow you to add more users for just $14.99. Just as in the case of Apple Music, Google Play Music will allow you to connect up to 6 family members to your plan, and these will receive their own unique play options and tailored music offerings. This also allows users to have their own playlists and info not affected by the information that other users in the family plan have.

Google Play Music family plans should be available to all later this year, though no solid dates were provided.

Source: Google

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